Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The 2013 Northern Menace, competing in the Junior Seau Fans Winners League on, are now ready to play

I just finished my draft in my Winners league, there was something like 6 no-shows.  Great...

So again this year, the Northern Menace will be pillaging its league, and the roster will look like this.

QB Luck, Andrew
RB Foster, Arian
RB Murray, DeMarco
WR Garcon, Pierre
WR Nelson, Jordy
WR Thomas, Demaryius
TE Olsen, Greg
DST Steelers
K Novak, Nick
Bench (QB) Roethlisberger, Ben
Bench (RB) Ball, Montee
Bench (RB) Redman, Isaac
Bench (WR) Tate, Golden
Bench (WR) Thompkins, Kenbrell

1)  I was drafting at #7, did only one mock, didn't do a lot of reading.  I'm expecting a tough season for the Chargers, and experiencing a bit of NFL-lassitude.  The lockouts, the Fail Mary, the concussion settlement, it's hard to be excited about the NFL these days.

So I relied on my obsolete knowledge from last year, and just picked players I wouldn't mind cheering for.  So no Raiders, no Ravens, no Chiefs, although the latter I can compromise on, I don't loathe the Chiefs, just easier to cheer against them.  I also disciplined myself and didn't pick Chargers.  If one of them has a good season I'll be happy, but I won't agonize when they don't.

2)  First two rounds I got Foster and Murray.  I didn't overthink the injury angle, I'll keep my fingers crossed, and hope they're as productive as they can potentially be.  Thought I'd get RB's first, because the platoons drive me nuts, and the pickings are slim later on.

3)  Rounds 3-5 worked nicely to pick up WR's.  I always liked Thomas, think he'll have a huge year with Peyton.  Round 4 I hesitated on Marques Colston, he's served me well in the past, but decided to go with Pierre Garçon, despite the injuries.  He was out of this world last season when he played.  Round 5 I got Jordy Nelson, who I guess had a crappy year last season, but he and Aaron Rodgers work too well together to not rebound.  I was happy to get him here, think he could be my steal.

4)  I wanted Andrew Luck in Round 6 and got him, hesitated because RGIII was still available, but got the guy I'd targeted, didn't overthink, and he's more durable anyway.  I always like getting younger QB's in the mid-rounds, rather than getting a Tom Brady in the first.  It's worked out for me in the past.

5)  Against my better instincts I chose Greg Olsen in the seventh, I mean I like the guy, and then he never comes through when he's on my roster.  I read a couple of articles that said that he and Cam Newton were going to explode this year, and I'd missed out on Antonio Gates, who I resisted taking for a few rounds, so I'm okay with this pick I guess.

6)  I'm happy with all my reserves.  Monte Ball who's had a lot of hype was my pick in the eighth, I should be okay as long as LenDale White doesn't come out of retirement and steal his carries.  Good value here I thought.  I'd hesitated between him and Miles Austin, I like that guy, but I was more anxious to get some RB depth, I felt there were more options later on at WR.

7)  Austin got snapped up two picks later, so Golden Tate is my #1 backup WR in the 9th, with Sidney Rice perpetually hurt and Percy Harvin out he should do well I would guess.  The next pick is Patriots rookie flash-in-the-pan Kendrell Tompkins, apparently will be the outside threat to go along Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski on the inside.  Rookie WR's don't necessarily work out, usually, but worth the risk to see what Tom Brady does with him, with only a 10th-rounder invested.

8)  Isaac Redman as my other backup RB, like I said, pickings are slim.  The Steelers released Dwyer, and Bell is hurt, so early in the season he could be worth something.  Best I could do in the 11th round.

9)  Big Ben as my #2 QB, I'm okay with it.  Last QB taken in the draft.  Originally thought Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson might fall to me in Round 8, but they were gone, so I figured I'd wait until the very end of the draft, there was enough depth.  I was tempted to grab Michael Vick, but didn't want to cheer for that guy really, and he got taken a round before I got to him.  I get bonus points for not taking Philip Rivers, but I'll check him out on the waiver wire, see how he does the first couple of weeks.

10)  Steelers for my defense, I thought maybe the Packers for Randall Cobb's return game, but really, who knows with DST's.  They've got an early bye week anyway, so I'll be flipping them soon enough.

11)  Last round, I get a warm weather kicker, like I always do, and it's.... Nick Novak of the Chargers.  So I kind of bent my "No Chargers!" promise to myself there a bit, but really, kickers don't count.  He'll be gone by Week 8, his Bye.

12)  So a solid team, should be good if I avoid injuries, but everyone can say that.  As usual, this league will be won on the waiver wire, unless someone as a LaDainian Tomlinson season.

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