Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dalton Thrower sent down to Junior team, will be the #1 defenceman on the Vancouver Giants

Dalton Thrower has been sent down to the Vancouver Giants of the WHL after failing to win a job on the Hamilton Bulldogs at training camp.  Not that he played badly, but he would have had to the best player on the ice to have a shot.  We covered this before, he's had a difficult previous season in Saskatoon, and the lineup in Hamilton is already crowded with young defencemen who need icetime, so he's better off going back to the WHL.

And while it may be disappointing, it's not like he won't be welcomed with open arms.  He'll play a big role there, lots will be expected of him.  He'll need to meet or exceed these expectations to wipe the slate clean from last season, and earn a contract with the Canadiens.  Let's hope he takes the bull by the horns and responds well.  He says he models his game after Kevin Bieksa.  Well, we can always use a one of those on our team.

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