Friday, 6 September 2013

Gaston Therrien's take on Nathan Beaulieu. It's not pretty.

Gaston Therrien blogging on about camp, and responding to a poster who claimed that Nathan Beaulieu is the best defenceman prospect on the Habs, over and above P.K. and Jarred Tinordi:

Subban tout comme Tinordi sont supérieurs à Beaulieu à BIENS des égards. Le hockey ça ne se joue pas que sur la glace. Ça se passe aussi entre les deux oreilles. Tinordi est matûre, il agit en leader, il est bon défensivement (Bien en avant de Beaulieu à ce chapitre)il a une bonne éthique de travail et son développement est constant. On ne peut en dire autant de Beaulieu. Son Égo et le côté prétentieux de sa personne l'on mis plus d'une fois dans l'eau chaude. Il a certainement le POTENTIEL pour devenir un excellent défenseur à caractère offensif, mais au moment d'écrire ces lignes, il est loin d'être prêt. Et surtout bien loin d'être comparé à un gars comme Subban.


Subban and Tinordi are superior to Beaulieu in MANY areas.  Hockey isn't only played on the ice (?  I think he means a hockey player's career doesn't just unfold on the ice) What goes on between a player's ears matters.  Tinordi is mature, acts as a leader, he's good defensively, far ahead of Beaulieu in that regard.  Tinordi has a good work ethic and his development is constant.  We can't say the same about Beaulieu.  His ego and his pretentious side have landed him in hot water more than once.  He certainly has the POTENTIAL to become an excellent offensive defenceman, but as of this writing he's far from ready.  And certainly very far from being compared to a guy like Subban.

So, some people will accuse Gaston Therrien of having it in for Nathan, of being too quick to judge, but the guy is there at camp watching all this, and speaks with coaches and others off-the-record, he knows what the mood is about the young man.  I've covered these before when I talked about the red flags surround Nathan.  I was glad to read Jessica Rusnak's tweet that he's been training in Brossard, let's hope he gets some mentorship, some leadership from other more mature Canadiens, and that some of their good habits rub off on him.

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