Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nazem Kadri has an agent, he should let him do his job.

Nazem Kadri had a good season last year, it allayed a lot of the previous concerns about his conditioning and maturity and whether he'd ever grow up and pan out.  We could almost think of it as a 'reset'.  Whereas before he'd underperformed and been a bit of a headache for Leafs management, now he'd gotten back on track, and cancelled out a lot of those negatives.  He was effectively at zero.

Except now, as a Restricted Free Agent still looking to sign a deal with the Maple Leafs, he's going off the rails again.  He's publicly agitating for himself in these negotiations, and it's striking all the wrong notes.  He's even gone on Twitter to argue with reporters about the specifics of his contract situation.

That kid really needs to ease off on the tweets, be quiet, and let his agent do the negotiating.  Getting into an argument with Bob McKenzie isn't wise at all, he might be one of the few reporters who actually has the public's affection.  Calling him "bobo" on top of that is really, really uncalled for.  It might be a typo, nothing worse than that, no disrespect may have been intended, but he should correct that right now if it is, and take the time to spell the gentleman's name properly.  He's "Mr. McKenzie" to you Nazem, or even maybe "Bob", but not certainly not "bobo".

Again, contrasted with P.K. Subban, who let Don Meehan do the talking, and never went beyond the platitudes that he was looking for a fair deal for both sides, and it was a process, and upon signing his new deal that the Canadiens were unfailingly professional in their approach, Mr. Kadri leaves a lot to be desired.

Better the Leafs having to deal with that brat than we having to.

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