Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hockey's Future thinks Canadiens' Future > Leafs' Future

Looking at the Leafs "Top 20 Prospects" writeup on Hockey's Future, one social media participant crowed that our prospects can beat up their prospects, or words to that effect.  Not really, actually, but he did say that our prospects seemed to hold much greater promise than theirs.

I have to agree that jumped out at me too.  The Leafs have one prospect graded at 8.5 and so do we (Morgan Rielly and Alex Galchenyuk), then they fall off to only one player, Frédérik Gauthier, at 7.5, while we have Nathan Beaulieu, Zachary Fucale and Sebastian Collberg at 8.0, and then seven players graded at 7.5.  The rest of their Top 20 grades out at 7.0's and 6.5's.  It's not even a contest.

Now I know that Hockey's Future's rankings aren't a guarantee or anything, but it's a good indicator of the fact that we have strength in our system, since we stopped trading away picks for quick fixes.  And maybe the Leafs are going to be hurting for a while yet.

In a bit of schadenfreude, their big winger first-round pick Tyrell Biggs gets a 6.5 and is described as inconsistent in his effort, while our  Mike McCarron is bigger and gets a 7.5.  So there.

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