Monday, 9 September 2013

NFL 2013 Week 1: Chargers 28, Texans 31

So my Chargers did it to me again.  I insulated myself during training camp, saw the horror show that was the roster and predicted that they would go 4-12 or 6-10 at best, because we have a competent to good QB in Philip Rivers.  But I wouldn't be suckered, I won't buy in I thought.  Literally.  I didn't get the Sunday Ticket package.  I've been remarkably casual about getting my cable service re-connected.  

Heck, I made plans to go out on a Monday Night Football evening, which featured San Diego in the late game.  That's how far I was taking my diligent aloofitude.  So during dinner with friends I kept an eye on the score, but was nonchalant about it.  Then I believed a little bit when I saw them score their third touchdown at the end of the first half, and then a quick touchdown to start the second, taking a 28-7 lead.

But still, they are the Chargers, even after having exorcised Norv Turner.  Which means various nebulous things to the uninitiated, but real fans who've suffered through the last five years or so know what it entails.  Things like allowing the Texans to convert on 3rd and 13 and 3rd and 19, taking a penalty on a field goal attempt by the Texans that effectively transformed it into a touchdown, a dropped pass by a wide open Eddie Royal that would have been good for a first down, but instead meant a punt by Mike Scifres...  It means that they're not winners, they're scattered, they'll lose their composure, they'll start backsliding and stumbling and fumbling until they've taken a comfortable lead and whittled it down to where they're now in a position to come through in the clutch.  And at that point they'll choke, because Chargers and clutch don't mix.

So yeah, they played just well enough to get my hopes up, then when the hook was set, gullible fish that I am, they then proceeded to cough up the game.

Let's split the difference and call it a probable 3-13 season, unless we're ravaged by injuries as we usually are, in which case it could get much, much worse.

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