Sunday, 25 January 2015

The NHL lunatically leaves P.K. Subban off its All-Star Game rosters.

There are All-Star snubs, and then there's lunacy.  That the league painted itself into a corner and somehow ended up without P.K. Subban as part of the weekend is not just ill-advised, but outright counterproductive, if not self-injurious.  If you want to sell the game, showcase the best of your organization, how does P.K. get forced to go to Cuba instead of Columbus?

Henrik Lundqvist is another glaring omission, he may be one of the few NHL'ers that the non-initiate American can recognize, and his Q rating is especially high among women, who'll vaguely know him for being that sexycool Manhattan guy who plays guitar, and also who was on Ellen and the cover of GQ.  But as a veteran goalie who's been there before and may benefit from the week's rest instead of a press junket, he may have ducked the proceedings anyway, had he been selected.

P.K. Subban is one of the players who would have unreservedly loved to go, who had a trick or two up his sleeves for some of these comps, would have gladly worn the GoPro, excitedly and all too willingly worn a wire.  He'd have been Pierre McGuire and Scott Oake's best buddy, the slot machine that pays off in quotes on every pull.  He would have palled around with everyone on his 'team', burned every 'rival', it would have been the same level of difficulty to pull the mike away from him as it was for Jim Nantz to do so from Ray Lewis.

Skills contest?  P.K. wouldn't have been aw-shucks sheepish, he would have been dying to show them off.  Everyone would have watched him in the hardest shot contest with bated breath.  How hard does he shoot anyway?  Not as hard as Zdeno or Shea Weber right?  Well we won't know, for now.

Have the fans vote players in, sure, but negate the obvious ballot stuffing like the Rory Fitzpatrick year with league overrule powers.  Have them insert obvious oversights like P.K. and King Henrik and Pavel Datsyuk, etc. into the rosters.  Inflate the roster beyond twenty if needed.  Have every team represented if you must, but in a Young Stars game or four-on-four, three-on-three shinny exhibition.  Don't end up bumping P.K. for Kevin Shattenkirk and Justin Faulk because of your own stupid theoretically well-intentioned rule.

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