Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Game 40: Canadiens 2, Lightning 4

I was looking forward to a decisive win by les boys, I've grown tired of all the cooing about Tampa, I don't see what all the fuss is about.  Sure, Stamkos and Hedman, but then what?  Well, we're going to hear more about those guys, they easily put an end to our six game winning streak, winning it 4-2, and it wasn't that close.  

Carey Price had what I thought was an uneven performance, based on the abridged game I saw on RDS' Canadiens Express.  He seemed to bobble pucks, give up little rebounds, and flub saves that he normally makes seem easy.  He's allowed the occasional off game, I'll indulge him this one.

Another pillar who won't be excused so easily is P.K. Subban, who took a rookie penalty by engaging with an opponent while on the bench.  While he served his two minutes, Tyler Johnson scored an easy goal and tilted the game definitely in Tampa's favour.  Before that, the Canadiens had hammered away at the Lightning and seemed to be a goal away from breaking open the floodgates.  Add in another minor penalty for P.K., and again his undiscipline, his lack of focus hurt the team more than his talent helped it.  

Deflating loss for this fan, who couldn't wait for this big four-pointer.  Trouble is, it's the Lightning who took advantage.

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