Friday, 2 January 2015

Marc Bergevin and Jean-Jacques Daigneault, allies of Nathan Beaulieu and Jarred Tinordi.

Marc Denis delves into Nathan Beaulieu's encouraging progress these last few games.

He calls Jean-Jacques Daigneault and Marc Bergevin “les alliés”, the allies of Nathan, rather than his opponents or enemies. He makes the point that both vaulted to the NHL immediately after junior, then after a lengthy stay were sent down to the minors.

Before Nathan was sent down to Hamilton the last time, they both sat down with him and explained that while there was no end date, that he was being sent down on an open-ended ticket, and even though Sergei Gonchar and Bryan Allen had been acquired, that they hadn’t thrown in the towel in his case, weren’t giving up on him, ‘not a bit’. He just needed to prove that he was an NHL’er, to force their hands, and to remain completely positive in his attitude.

It’s a refreshing angle on this issue, we often read posts in which Nathan and Jarred Tinordi are being glued to the bench or sent to the pressbox for ‘making one mistake’ by mean Michel Therrien. We tend to gloss over that there is a lot of organizational experience, lots to draw from when grooming young players, young defencemen, and that these guys aren’t adversaries, that they actively root for Jarred and Nathan, they want them to succeed, that their own jobs actually depends on it.

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