Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Canadiens recall Gabriel Dumont, give the Bulldog bulldog another kick at the can.

The Canadiens have recalled Gabriel Dumont from Hamilton, which is good news in this fan's view.  I’m partial to the kid, I have to admit. Last season, when there were more Hamilton games available to watch, I was impressed with how hard he worked, and how he backs down from no one, despite not being the biggest guy around. Talk to Don Cherry’s man-crush Mike Zigomanis about Gabriel Dumont, he probably still has lumps on his forehead from the last time they met.

Generally, about callups and Gabriel Dumont, we often fret that Sven Andrighetto or Christian Thomas are miscast as fourth-liners, they should play in the Top 6 where their offensive skills can shine, blah, blah, blah…

Well there’s no such worry about young Monsieur Dumont. He’s very defensively conscious, gritty, and tough as $3 steak. If we want someone on the Bottom 6, Gabriel can fill that role.

I hoped he'd get a callup this season, with the proviso that Marc Bergevin may be leery to bring him up if he plans to send him down again. Gabriel Dumont is no longer waiver-exempt, and there’s a chance another team might snag him when they try to send him back down to Hamilton.

And that may explain why the entry-level contract youngsters are getting the callups so far, or expendable Drayson Bowman. There’s no risk that another team will claim them on the way back down, or if they do in Drayson Bowman or Eric Tangradi’s case, no real harm is done.

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