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24 CH, 2014-15 season, Episode 9: Notes

Well, there's nothing to watch during this All-Star weekend, so let's catch up on these episodes.

This episode again looked at how the team dealt with the equipment they have to cargo around with them on road trips, something they highlighted also last season.  It's also the week of the Mothers Trip to Boston and New York.

1:15  The moms, along with a couple daughters and sisters, tour the facilities.  P.K. grabs hold of his mom's elbow before she treads on the logo in the center of the dressing room carpet.  He grouses to the camera that she just about cost him some money, but she gets it, and laughs at her near sacrilege.  "Never walk on the emblem..." she agrees.

2:20  Getting off the plane, Brandon Prust is ambushed TMZ-style by a cameraman about not carrying his mom's bags.  He brushes it off.

"Nah, my mom is stronger than me..."

2:40  Darlene Tokarski and Barbara Weise get a lot of camera time, they are both very well spoken and express the effect this trip has on them, how much they learn about what their sons do when they're at 'work'.

3:15  Bryan Allen joins the team after the trade that brought him from Anaheim.  He introduces himself to his new team members while they are having drinks prior to a banquet in honour of the mothers.  He's glad to see a familiar face in former Panther teammate Mike Weaver.

3:45  General Manager Marc Bergevin brought his older sister Paulette on the trip.  While he introduces her, another mom translates for her benefit, since she doesn't speak English.  It's arguable that Marc himself does so, but he fakes it well and pulls it off by the force of his personality.

Various players introduce their mothers.  Brandon Prust says that when he was younger she'd reward him for scoring goals by giving him Skittles.  "Needless to say," he cracks, "she saves a lot of money on Skittles these days."

Dale Weise: "This is my mom Barbara.  To this day I haven't played a bad game in her eyes."

P.K. to Bryan Allen: "Bryan welcome to the team.  I don't think there's any better day for you to come and see what this team is all about."

06:15  Team photo with the moms on the ice at the New Boston Gahdens, arrayed above the 'spoked B' and a slyly placed Canadiens carpet.

06:45  Segment with team photog Bob Fisher.  Some of the shots he took are breathtaking.  There's the memorable photo of Bob Gainey taking off his shirt, revealing a Canadiens jersey underneath, playing on the Clark Kent turning into Superman imagery.  There's the amazing shot of Craig Ludwig embracing an emotional Larry Robinson after the 1986 Stanley Cup win, with Mr. Fisher explaining that Craig was consoling Larry, who was coming to the realization this would be his last Cup.

And then there's the classic shot of the giants of my youth, taken with a fisheye lens from behind the bench, in 1974.  All these jerseys seen from the back, in the days before nameplates, when you had to memorize your team's numbers, and most of those from the opponents as well.  From left to right is Rick Chartraw, Guy Lapointe, Serge Savard, Peter Mahovlich, Guy Lafleur right smack in the middle, and to his right Bob Gainey, Yvon Lambert, Henri Richard and Murray Wilson.

I've decided I need to get this photo and posterize it.

08:25 Quick shot of a bespectacled Jean-Jacques Daigneault giving a be-gym-shorted Bryan Allen a crash course in the team's system, drawing up diagrams on a dry-erase board on a travel trunk in the corridor before the game.

Then a quick shot of P.K. getting a photo with Bobby Orr.  It's understandable.  I approve.

08:55  We find out from Max Pacioretty's mom that they are sharing rooms with their sons.  Great idea for them to have this time together, but you wonder if that's what threw them off their routine, and played a part in the meltdown in New York.

10:15  Game time, we get Andrei Markov's 100th career goal, then the rematch between Dale Weise and Gregory "Sonny Boy" Campbell.  Barbara Weise can hardly bear to watch, cheers when Dale gets the takedown.

11:15  Nice scene of the moms celebrating and singing the "Olé" song while Bruins fans head to the exits in the third period.

12:00  If Barbara Weise has trouble watching when Dale fights, Darlene Tokarski can't bear to watch the entire game when her son plays.  She finds comfort and support from Carey Price's mom Lynda, who gives her tips on how to endure.

Soon after stating that she'd watch the game, we see Dustin getting scored on, and Mrs. Tokarski pacing in the corridor.

13:40  The Alexei Emelin giveaway to Martin St-Louis.  That one still smarts.  "Oh, no..." says P.K. in disbelief.

An ugly 5-0 loss I had almost forgotten about.  The moms console Darlene Tokarski.  "He played well," she concedes, despite the score.

15:30  The ugliness continues in Buffalo.  This is the game where Brandon Prust took on Chris Stewart, then was tossed from the game for unsportsmanlike comments to the officials.

Canadiens tie it at 1-1 early in the third, and P.A. Parenteau and David Desharnais celebrate and analyse the goal, en français.  Jiri Sekac, seated between them on the bench, bears it with grace like a good little rookie.

Alexei Emelin hits Brian Gionta, catching him on the head.  He gets up in a nasty mood, looking for revenge.  "Where are you going Gio?  Where are you going?" Dale Weise comments from the bench, skeptical that his former teammate should play the tough guy.

The goal off the lucky bounce off a stanchion in the final moments of the game hands the Sabres the victory.  Not even a loser point tonight.

17:15  We follow Pierre Brébart, who's in charge of transporting equipment from the plane to the New Forum and the practice facility in Brossard.  He's been working for the Canadiens for 34 years, and says they used to travel with 2500 lbs of gear, but now it's more like 5000.  He drives a box truck to Dorval and it takes him about two hours to unload all the gear, hang it up to dry, etc.

The guys have two sets of gear, one for practice and one for games, and they travel with both.  Cushy.  No moldy cold wet stinky gear for these guys.

Upon the plane's arrival, there's a lineup of cars waiting on the tarmac.  Is that spouses picking them up, or do they get car service back home too?

18:20  Marc Bergevin announces the contract extension for Brendan Gallagher at a press conference.  We see Brendan come in to the lounge to sign it in his workout gear, then dashes off for more hard work.

19:00  More Buffalo ugliness.  The second half of a back-to-back against the Sabres, this one at home.  P.K. clips Max in the mouth with his stick, goes to the first aid room to find out how he's doing.

The game tied at 3-3, it goes to the shootout.  Brian Gionta misses on his attempt, and gets chirped by Carey as he skates by the Habs bench: "Get some new material Gio."

Sabres win 4-3.  1 point out of a possible four against the weak sister.

21:30  Episode closes with the iconic shot of Jean Béliveau, seen from behind, skating with the Stanley Cup and looking back at us.

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