Saturday, 21 June 2014

In non-news, Marc Bergevin is willing to trade the Canadiens' first-round draft pick.

As reported in La Presse, Marc Bergevin is open to trading the Canadiens' 1st round pick, 26th overall.  Nothing earth-shattering, any GM should be open to offers, willing to move or swap picks for players or prospects, depending on how the draft is shaping up, and whether a good opportunity or offer arises.

A few observations, as we approach the draft:

1) Mr. Bergevin does say that he could move up or down the draft, it will depend on how it goes.

2) He states that Director of Amateur Scouting Trevor Timmins and his team are telling him that the draft isn't as deep as last year’s draft and next year’s draft. I like that he, again, gives credit to his brain trust, his management team, relies on them.

3) It would seem appealing to flip a first-rounder this year for one next year, if next year’s draft is deeper, but that opportunity may not exist, with everyone wanting a ticket in the Connor McDavid lottery. Also, I’m starting to think that we have to consider Carey Price’s, P.K. Subban’s and Max Pacioretty’s ‘window’. These guys are in their mid-twenties, they need help now, or soon anyway, if they’re going to take us to the Cup.

4) I guess he’s reading my posts. He’s sending up a smokescreen, but it’s blatantly obvious he’s going to trade down for more picks and snap up Alexis Vanier (man-crush, growing…)

5) The GM says he’s not a big fan of July 1, saying you ‘can improve your team, but you must be careful on that date.’

6) An anonymous player agent predicts lots of trades leading up to the draft, due to the poor class of UFA players available, and a crop of new GM’s, some with a win-now attitude (Pittsburgh) or needing immediate results or at least a big splash (Vancouver).

Draft day anticipation, increasing...

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