Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Guy Lafleur speaks out on Max Pacioretty, Thomas Vanek, as is entirely NOT his right to do so.

Guy Lafleur had some criticism toward the team and some of its players in an article in La Presse on Tuesday.  He had this to say, among other observations:
«Des gars comme (Thomas) Vanek et (Max) Pacioretty, tu ne peux pas garder ça dans ton équipe. Qu'ils restent chez eux s'ils ne sont pas prêts à payer le prix. Ton équipe ne gagnera jamais avec des joueurs comme ça qui s'effacent lorsqu'il y a de l'adversité», ajoute-t-il.
Guys like Vanek and Pacioretty, you can't have that on your team.  They might as well stay home if they're not ready to pay the price.  Your team will never win with players like them who disappear when the going gets rough. 

Guy Lafleur has always been an infuriating player when it comes to his public persona, his statements.  He's a loose cannon, still shooting his mouth off about the team even now that he's been brought back into the fold as an ambassador.  The problem is that he has a bunch of sycophants around him who keep telling him that he can do no wrong, that nothing is ever his fault.  Réjean Tremblay and Bertrand Raymond have always encouraged him, calling him 'un vrai, un pur' and other such doublespeak for idiots who can't resist a microphone, empowering him to speak his mind, good or bad, wildly inappropriate or not.

Every fan has a right to an opinion, us no-names can rant all we want on Twitter or HIO, but former players who have standing in the Canadiens organization should keep their big yaps shut about current players, coaches, management moves, etc.

Guy can take on the league when it comes to style of play, concussion issues, the treatment of former players, this is an area where there are disadvantaged parties who need representation, where it's necessary to speak truth to power.  But he can't second-guess the organization and its players when he draws a paycheque from that organization.

The way Marc Bergevin was circumspect during his year-end press conference, refusing to discuss contract status or speak negatively about anyone should be his exemplar for public conduct.  But that would be expecting too much, Guy Lafleur has never learned to control himself, keep his counsel, wait until the next day and see if what he's about to say really needs to be said.

It always saddens me that such a great player, the hero of my youth, is such a dunce off the ice, and insists on putting his foot in his mouth and everyone else's.

Guy, you want to be involved, you want to tell the players what to do?  Why don't you just get in the game, start coaching a team, see how easy it is to deal with quote machines like you.

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