Thursday, 19 June 2014

Canadiens to trade with Coyotes? Tomas Plekanec for Keith Yandle?

I don't trust in the rumour that the Canadiens are close to a deal on a Tomas Plekanec for Keith Yandle trade with Phoenix, but man I want to believe it.  Even the spoilsports at are trying to douse my enthusiasm, dampen the hype.  But still...

I was imagining our lineup with a Yandle-Subban first pairing, and how much that helped our team.  A leftie and a rightie who both can skate, pass, shoot and score.

Breaking out of our zone.  5-on-5 scoring.  Second-wave powerplay.  Easier minutes on Andrei.  Lesser role for the third pairing, thus smoother intro to the NHL for our rookie d-men.  Availability of Josh Gorges for a minor deal.

Lars Eller given more minutes, an opportunity to assume a larger role, take on more responsibility, and thriving.  Alex Galchenyuk able to switch over to centre.  Daniel Brière being relied on more in the Top 9, giving us more value in his final year.

Forwards hit with precise passes on breakaways, in full flight.  Opposition trying to figure out ways to pressure a trio of Carey Price, P.K. and the newbie with dump-ins, and coming up snake-eyes.

Dealing away some of our strength, our centres and defensive prospects.  Converting that into assets that bolster our weaknesses.

Mr. Bergevin, you have my permission to pull the trigger on this deal.  And try to get us a second-rounder while you're at it, we'd like a shot at that Alexis Vanier kid.

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