Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nick Kypreos is trying to drag hockey down to his abysmal level

So during the intermission of the Halifax Mooseheads vs. Portland Winterhawks game, Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos is castigating Seth Jones for allowing Nate McKinnon to score without “at least making an effort to chop him down, get a stick on him, make him aware that you’re there…”  
Sure Mr. Kypreos.  What Seth Jones should have done is take a penalty.  Or take a good shot at it.  Maybe injure his opponent.  Make sure he knows he's there.  Never mind that as the rules are written, 'getting a stick on him' is not permitted. 
Are we sure as hockey fans that we want CBC to lose Hockey Night in Canada and have these clowns end up in charge of it? Is Nick Kypreos, the guy who never did anything of note in the NHL except deliberately fall on Grant Fuhr and rupture his ACL, knock him out of the series, and eventually end his career, really an upgrade on Don Cherry and P.J. Stock?

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