Thursday, 2 May 2013

Milan Lucic playing for the Montréal Canadiens? It's not anathema.

Contrary to some other Canadiens fans, I have to say that Milan Lucic would definitely have a place on the Canadiens' top 9.  A big, tough forward with good hands is a big area of need on our team.

Good teams have a good mix of people with different skills and attributes.  The skillset that Mr. Lucic brings would be very welcome on our team.  Conversely, he may not be as easy to fit on a roster like the St. Louis Blues, that already has a lot of big physical forwards, they might prefer a player like David Krejci or Brad Marchand to round out their roster.

I know a lot of Canadiens fans can't stand him but they have to realize that the 'big jerk' and 'cheap bully' aspect of Milan Lucic's game would be toned down if he was wearing bleu blanc et rouge.  The organizational culture is historically that of a fast, skilled team that plays tough but fair, whereas Boston wallows in its reputation of the Big Bad Bruins.  So while his outrages in a Bruin uniform are lionized by a troglodytic fan base and violence-shill Jack Edwards, they wouldn't be applauded in Montréal, and his conduct would be coached in a Mike McPhee or Yvon Lambert direction, as opposed to a Nick Kypreos or Craig Bérubé.

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