Monday, 6 May 2013

It's the Bruins vs. the Leafs, and my base emotions vs. my baser emotions

 How conflicted am I watching this series?  No-good-for-nothing talentless shouldn't-be-in-the-NHL Colton Orr runs a player when he no longer has the puck?  Boooooo!  Wait, it was on Zdeno Chara, the NHL's greatest villain, Mister "I never try to hurt someone"?  Attaboy Coltie, hit him again!

Oh no, the Leafs scored....  But isn't great seeing Tuukka Rask lose his excrement again, and Zdeno Chara looking ungainly and ineffective as he so often does.

Crap, that guy straight got nailed from behind!  But it's a Bruin, and pretty mild for a hit, so no harm done really.  Oh, it's that rat Kadri who ran him.  What a dirty play!  To the bench you scumbag!

Ha ha ha, Reimer let in a huge softie from the blue line, I can feel the air being let out of that balloon right now.  Nice.  Except, it's that horrid plug McQuaid who scored.  Bummer.

The only positive to come out of this matchup is how much better behaved Dion Phaneuf is.  No matter who he's facing, whether it's Scott Thornton or Milan Lucic or Greg Campbell or Zdeno Chara, when the whistle blows and the play is called, he stops, that's it, no face washes or crosschecks or slashing or pushing or shoving or nothing.  Glad to see he's reformed now, last time I saw him play against the Canadiens, I thought he was a lost cause, an irredeemable bully.  So we got that going for us, which is nice I guess.

It was also nice to hear Craig Simpson comment at the start of the second period on the great hunger for all things Leafs in Toronto, how much desire there is for them to succeed, while the camera showed nothing but empty club seats behind the player benches.  I guess the thirst for beer was the greater and won out for this Toronto crowd.

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