Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Can the Canadiens draft Anthony Mantha, Frédérik Gauthier and William Carrier this June?

I came across a mock draft that does all seven rounds of the coming 2013 NHL draft(!).

Not sure how much value we'd ascribe to this, probably pretty low, but useful as a discussion starter.


1)  They have the Canadiens drafting Mirco Muller, a defenceman who I know nothing about, in the first round.  Right after is Anthony Mantha going to the Ducks.  I doubt that the Canadiens would let a 6'3" scoring left winger homeboy slip by them to add another defenceman on an overloaded depth chart at D.

2)  At #34 and #36, they have the Canadiens picking up Frédérik Gauthier and William Carrier.  From their HTML to God's ears.

3)  Late second we get D Brett Pesce, early third G Austin Lotz.  Never heard of them.  Not that that would be a stamp of approval or anything.

4)  Late third, we get a 6'4" RW called Ross Olsson from the USHL.  I'd rather we get the guy they have slotted two picks later, Mason Geertsen of the Vancouver Giants, he's a 6'3" defensive D who's all kinds of nasty.  I saw him play twice.  Man-crush.  Think of him as the second coming of Craig Ludwig.  Or Donald Dufresne.  Or Ryan McDonagh.  All kidding aside, he played on a bad team this year, and played really hard, like it mattered, and his coaches love his character.

5)  Where did our fourth-round pick go?

6)  Where the hell did our fifth-rounder go?  Oh yeah, Davis....

7)  In the sixth we get a 6' 3.5" 230 lbs D called Mitchell Wheaton from the defenceman factory known as the Kelowna Rockets, so we got that going for us.

8)  In the seventh, we play small-ball again with a 5' 10.5" 172 lbs winger from Niagara, Anthony DiFruscia.  I think that's a reach.  I wouldn't grab that guy any higher than 210th overall.

9)  They have Seth Jones, Jonathan Drouin, Nathan McKinnon, Sasha Barkov and Sean Monahan going 1 through 5, no surprises there.

10)  Anthony Duclair falls to #42 in their mock, which would mean half of the fanbase would have conniptions about letting a talented homeboy slip by us when we could have used a second-rounder on him.  Of course, if we did choose him, the other half would have aneurysms at the thought of another small and skilled player, although I think they'd use another colourful moniker.

11)  They have Jackson Houck going #44, and I think that's way too high, that kid has guts, but he has Mike Hough written all over him.

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