Saturday, 18 May 2013

Hey Sportscaster! (7)

So at work, I have to deal with the loathsome, business-speak neologism 'competency', instead of the correct term 'competence.'

When I watch hockey, high-school dropouts armed with microphones natter on about teams or players showing 'resiliency' (ugh..) instead of resilience.  Why that is, why one person decided to tack on an extra syllable to a word, and the rest of the commentationingists seemingly as one decided to ape him immediately, is something I don't understand.

Now, brace yourselves, Sportsnet talking head Sam Consentino just said that Nathan McKinnon, on a fine play, had , wait for it, "just started to show his brilliancy".

I really fear for the children.

I try, I really try, to refrain from alluding to how sportscasters mangle the language, but the self-restraint sometimes eludes me.

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