Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bruins crush Leafs: The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy

I didn't want the Bruins to win.  That was the extent of my involvement in the Leafs-Bruins series.  Eliminate the Bruins is Job 1.  But even that is hollow since the League handed them the chalice in 2011, it doesn't really matter that they lose or not anymore.

And I didn't mind all that much that the Bruins would cakewalk to a win, since they'd crush the Leafs along the way, which is always enjoyable.

So when the Leafs were up  3-1 and then 4-1 in Game 7, I was okay with that, sort of, happy they were making Bruins fans boo their team, but still gagged at the coming lovefest on CBC.

So if the Bruins had to win, it was great that they popped the Reimer balloon and crushed the HNIT homers.  Patrice Bergeron deserves it.  Except now I have to see Zdeno Chara's happy/scary gape.  And Brad Marchand, uh, evades extermination.

So yeah, I'm a little conflicted.

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