Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ugh. Nick Kypreos.

While we’re griping about the media, how about Nick Kypreos, whose house is profiled in a Globe and Mail feature. He describes it as “incredibly unique”, as opposed to those other houses that are merely ‘believably unique’, or moderately unique. I like how he, a media on-air personality who is paid to talk, believes that there are different degrees of ‘unique’, how he thinks his house is uniquer than the the only slightly unique house next door.
Now Mr. Kypreos is not a Mensa candidate, but he needs to understand that the word ‘unique’ doesn’t have shades or gradations. Something is either unique or it isn’t. Something is never terribly unique. It can be terribly original or remarkably special, but not “unbelievably unique.” The word is digital, or binary, it’s on or it’s off. It’s not an analog word, it doesn’t go, Spinal Tap-style, from 0 to 11.
In that, it is like the word ‘honest’. Someone is either honest or not honest. There aren’t different degrees of honesty. Saku Koivu, Trevor Linden, Jean Béliveau are honest. Gary Bettman, Darcy Tucker, Brad Marchand are not honest.
Kind of like Nick Kypreos’ move to crash into Grant Fuhr and blowing out his ACL to knock him out of the playoffs and ending his career did not make him a slightly less honest player, it made him a dishonest player. Or more accurately, it confirmed his status as a dishonest player. It defined his career. And it removes any credibility from this former goon and deters him from being an ‘analyst’ who covers hockey. Although an abysmal organization like Sportsnet is blind to this fact.

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