Friday, 31 August 2012

Traffic jam in Whistler, ursine cause confirmed

So biking home from the gym tonight on the Valley Trail, I turned a corner and about 30 metres away was a small mother bear with her three cubs.  I hit the brakes and retreated a bit, but the sow seemed blithely unconcerned with my presence.  Instead, she was pre-occupied with pulling down young berry trees along the Trail, and showing her charges how to do the same.  You could imagine her saying "Look, these are tasty, this is how you get to eat them, yum yum."  Of course the cubs were more interested in trying to climb these or other trees, or wrestling with each other.  I watched and kept my distance, but they were stripping every shrub or young tree before moving on to the next, getting closer and closer to me, causing me to retreat a few times as I patiently waited for them to disappear into the bushes and go play in the River of Golden Dreams, which we could hear gurgling steps away.  Eventually, I gave up and took the long way around, it added 5 minutes to my ride, not counting the 5 or more that I wasted watching them frolic.

Living in Whistler can be hell.

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