Monday, 6 August 2012

K.P. Dupont tweaks the Sabres' nose for their enforcer acquisitions

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe comments, astoundingly, on the 'toughness' that the Sabres added this off-season:

...Buffalo, where the Sabres have added tough guy John Scott and edgy, weaselly Steve Ott. Sabres ownership has lobbied the NHL to break from the institutional three-period format and make all games the best-of-three falls.

This is from the guy who whined when Montreal fans cheered when Zdeno Chara took a karma-puck in the kisser last season.

Now I know Bruins fan enter the competition with 30 fewer IQ points than the average Canadiens fan, but even they must understand that the reason the Sabres entered the arms race is squarely, entirely because the Bruins' own goon, Milan Lucic, assaulted and concussed Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller.  The Bruins themselves triggered this response.  And the Bruins themselves have on their roster players like Shawn Thornton and Adam McQuaid and Greg Campbell, who are only there to fight and intimidate.

The column isn't all bad though, he does a good job of summarizing the issues and positions of each side in the current CBA negotiations.

But Mr. Dupont continues, with Jack Edwards, the grand tradition of Bruins' media shills, who shamelessly cheerlead their thuggish excesses but 'tut tut' other teams for their transgressions.  You kind of wish the Boston club was named the Pirates, so their mascot could wear an eyepatch, and then abysmal clowns like Jack Edwards and his coterie could use said eyepatch as the figurative reason for their gigantic blind spots.

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