Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Life Substitutes make their first roster move and pick up Shayne Graham

Breaking news!  The Life Substitutes took all of three days after they drafted their team to make a roster move.  And it would have come sooner, except the free agents were all on waivers until late Tuesday night.  The Subbies GM can be accused of many sins, but standing pat is not one of them.

In a blockbuster move, the Life Substitutes claimed Shayne Graham of the Houston Texans on waivers and released Dan Carpenter of the Dolphins.  The reason is simple: the Texans have an actual offence, they have a quarterback, they'll score points and so will their kicker.  Dan Carpenter, on average, won't.

Mr. Graham was available because while he's competent, he's not a great place kicker.  He was in a competition with Randy Bullock in training camp for the Texans' job, and won it by default when Mr. Bullock, a younger man with a bigger leg, tore his groin and was placed on Injured Reserve.  Talk about a gift opportunity.  Until then, Mr. Graham was lightly regarded and went undrafted.  Good thing for the Subbies that their GM is perceptive and decisive, he saw an opportunity and he tooked it, gawldang it.

So we feel a lot better about our kicker.  He fills all the requirements: Warm weather team?  Check.  Good offence?  Check.  Done.  

Let's get the season started already.

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