Sunday, 27 May 2012

Rogers' livestream of the Memorial Cup is an abysmal failure

 I hope Rogers runs the Leafs with the same attention and duty of care that they showed when they trumpeted that they would provide a livestream of the Memorial Cup earlier this season.  Absolute total bush league.

Need a hockey analyst?  Hire Nick Kypreos, the goon who intentionally took out Grant Fuhr in the '96 playoff run, blew out his ACL, and effectively ended his career.

Want to bring NFL football to Canada?  Enter into an agreement with a poorly run franchise, have a press-conference where the senile owner of that franchise cackles with the dessicated owner of the broadcaster over the fact that the taxpayers of Ontario built the stadium the event will be held in and then gifted it to you so you can then gouge the same taxpayers for tickets to that event.  Make sure to appeal to the citizens' sense of civic pride.  It would be a black eye for Torontonians to not snap up every over-priced seat.  Racketeers such as Ziggy Wilf and Jim Irsay and the corpse of Al Davis would cluck their disapproval.

Puck-teased a whole country with a vow to livestream the Memorial Cup, and now you kind of have to put out?  Just throw on a horsebleep one-camera shot from the corner of the rink, with no replays or commentary or scoreclock.

You guys are heroes.

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