Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jaroslav Spacek speaks, as always, and trains as never before.

I can't believe the love-in for Jaroslav Spacek.  Mr. Stubbs' interview with him is enlightening, and I don't dislike Jaro, but he was horrible here, way overpaid, and his fitness was obviously lacking while he was here as demonstrated by his double chin and wobbly cheeks.  The fact that he crumpled at the merest hint of a bodycheck wasn't due to his playing on the left or right side, but rather to a lack of conditioning and advancing years.  It's actually kind of galling to now see him in the gym attending to his strength training, now that he's on the hunt for a new contract.

It seems no one here remembers that at the start of last season all everyone wanted to do was get rid of him somehow, to trade him for a bag of pucks.  We bemoaned that we couldn't bury  him in Hamilton due to his over 35 contract.

Again, never thought he was a bad guy, I appreciate that everyone said he was funny, but really, this guy was a waste of cap space for the duration of his contract here.  So let's keep things in perspective.  That he calls it as he saw it in the interview is refreshing, good on him, but let's not retire his jersey or have a re-sign Jaro protest just yet.

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