Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Obstruction charges in the hang-gliding fatality in Agassiz B.C.

Now we get word that the pilot of the hang-glider involved in the fatal incident has been charged with obstruction of justice.  Mr. Robert Orders had been hang-gliding for 16 years and certified to do tandem rides for three.  That he is now investigated for this charge is the complete antithesis of the conduct expected in these cases, that the subject is 'cooperating fully'.  The gentleman is apparently actively hindering the investigation.


I felt sorry for this guy, imagined that while he might have had the best intentions he had goofed big time, with fatal consequences for his client Lenami Godinez.  Now he's removed much of the sympathy I might have held for him.  If he had proceeded to land and then be overwhelmed with guilt and grief, and contacted the authorities and owned up to his tragic mistakes, it'd be hard to fault the guy.  Heck, even if he'd hired a lawyer and looked out for his best interests as he cooperated with authorities, I'd understand.  But that he's hiding evidence or tampering with evidence in any way increases his guilt by orders of magnitude.  He knows he screwed up so bad that he's trying to make it look like he didn't.  On a smaller scale, this is the same kind of conduct as Captain Schettino's, or a few years previous to that the crew of the Queen of the North, with their assertion that they swerved to avoid a fishing vessel, which is a complete fabrication according to the evidence, and their subsequent refusal to participate in the investigation.  Their behaviour removes any doubt as to their guilt and any sympathy or inkling that it might have been an 'honest mistake'.

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