Thursday, 10 May 2012

Gary Bettman is a short big fat idiot

 From the Globe and Mail:

" “We know the future is extraordinarily bright,” said Bettman, who referred to the Blues as a member of the NHL's “Original 12” franchises. “The balance sheet looks much, much better, much, much stronger." "

What a useless commissioner Gary Bettman is.  Has anyone, ever, heard the term Original 12 used, or anyone even thought it?  How obvious is it that this is not a hockey guy?  That he has no grasp of the history of the game and its culture?

Just because the last 6 NHL franchises standing, after a few went belly up early in the 20th century, became known as the Original 6 after the 1967 expansion, doesn't mean that the six new franchises then became part of an Original 12.  And the Sabres and Canucks aren't part of the Original 14.  And then didn't drop down to an Original 13 when the Golden Seals ceased to exist.

Gary Bettman will try to spin it as something cute he was trying, that he was being mirthful, that he was trying to honour the fact that the Blues were part of the first expansion.  In fact, I bet that what happened is that he got his facts twisted.  He's a nerd and a book-smart guy, so I'm sure he can rattle off facts and lists and statistics, but memorizing things and having fond memories of something, things that you know because you grew up living and dying by them are two different things.

Smarmy, condescending idiot savant Gary, who keeps trying to convince us that he was not just a Knicks fan growing up, but also a big Ranger fan, just got caught with his pants down, and showed us again that the knowledge you get by cramming for an exam and that which comes from actually knowing it are not the same.

He is such a bad liar, it must cost him a fortune being married, he must have, like fellow sub-creature Newt Gingrich, a revolving line of credit at his jeweller and his florist.

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