Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mike Milbury should be relieved of his duties on HNIC

Excellent article by Stu Hackel on the idiocy of Mike Milbury.

Some of us can’t stand him for his pro-Bruins, anti-everyone else bias, and his special contempt for the Canadiens and Canucks, but the bigger issue is his retrograde, incendiary views.

A lot of people will state that his ‘free speech’ should be respected, but the classic retort to this is that free speech doesn’t allow someone to falsely yell “Fire!” in a theatre and cause a stampede. In this particular case, Mr. Milbury’s position as a commentor doesn’t permit him to ridicule people by snide references to their putative gender or sexual orientation, and to make light of someone’s inability to play due to brain injuries. At least, he should be shunned by the league and have to resort to airing his views on an obscure blog, instead of being given a national broadcast platform to sputter his inanities.

I enjoin the CBC again to rid itself of this negative force on their telecasts and replace him with a thoughtful, accomplished former player who can provide enlightenment instead of bleating along with P.J. Stock and Don Cherry that hockey games are won by crosschecking your opponents into submission.

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