Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hockey Night in Canada must be revamped

Mike Boone in his Liveblog on the CBC telecast of the Senators-Rangers game says: “What a joke this network has become.”

They do a few things well. Their opening montages set to music are usually outstanding. Elliotte Friedman is excellent. So is Jim Hughson.
They just have to get rid of a lot of deadwood and fossils and neanderthals: Don Cherry, Mike Milbury, P.J. Stock, Bob Cole.
Then, be advocates for hockey being played fast and tough and fair, spectacular, fan-friendly hockey where talent and skill is prized, over size and churlishness at all costs.
If we must have a between-periods joke segment, let’s have Norm MacDonald and Brent Butt riffing on hockey and the issues of the day. I’d watch that, instead of switching channels to see what else is on.

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  1. I watch games in French and am unilingual just to avoid HNIC. Glen Healy has to go as well.