Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Leafs, the Jets, the Canadiens, everyone wants to get bigger

Watching the Top Ten plays of the regular season on TSN, and once I was over the fact that #10 and #9 were two ex-Canadiens who left the team with no tangible return, I really enjoyed the spectacular plays.  Breathtaking save by Ondrej Pavelec, dazzling stickhandling, both Penguins supernovastars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin contributing....

One thing I didn't see in the Top Ten was a goalmouth scramble.  A goal scored from a 'dirty area'.  A player 'taking his man' at the faceoff.  A player being responsible without the puck.  Truculence.

Yet in today's wrap-up in both Toronto and Winnipeg, both GM's spoke about getting bigger.  Unequivocally.  As if more size is an unalloyed boon.

No one spoke about needing more skill or skating or putting on a better show for the fans who cough up more than $100 per seat.  No one said we need talent on this team.  Once Brian Burke was done blaming Brian Gionta for the underwhelming performance by his un-pedigreed, flash-in-the-pan out-of-nowhere goalie, he explained that his team wasn't big enough to play the way he wanted it to.  Again, not lacking in talent or scoring or defence or goaltending, but merely size.

I fear for the children.

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