Monday, 9 April 2012

The Kaberle trade: shrewd deal or monumental gaffe?

We often talk at cross-purposes on the Tomas Kaberle deal. Supporters mention his points per game pace, and the low price paid to acquire his services. They mention how everyone wanted Jaroslav Spacek gone anyway, and how he would have walked away for free in July, or traded away for very little at the trade deadline.

Opponents don’t really care about these points. What ticks them off is the acquisition of an overpaid player who has two more years left on a contract while his skills are in steep decline. They mention the lack of defensive skill or involvement, his lack of strength which not only makes him lose puck battles, but avoid them altogether. Another big beef is the lack of energy, joy and passion demonstrated by him, how he floats seemingly unaffected through losses and scoreless streaks.

So we should almost table the subject. No camp is willing to acknowledge the other’s points. It’s as unproductive a discussion as some of those in the political arena where the positions are so hardened that the same bombs are lobbed at each other with no effect, since both sides have heard and ignored them for years.

Tomas Kaberle is a polarizing figure on the team and forces us to agree to disagree. It’s on the to-do list of the next GM. Let’s drop the baby in Solomon’s lap, as it were. Let’s agree to abide by his word.

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