Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Chargers at the draft

We're feeling relatively ambivalent about the NFL Draft on Thursday as Chargers fans.  It may be the modest results obtained in the last few years, with precious few impact players joining the team compared to a plethora of projects and players with promise who still need to be developed and players who spend a worrisome amount of time on the injured list.

Also, looking at the dozens of mock drafts that have been flying around for the last three months, there isn't one player that quickens the pulse or gives you a rooting interest, one that you hope will be available when pick #18 rolls around.  On the contrary, there have been a troubling number that slated Whiney Mercilus as the logical choice as the Chargers hand in their pick to Roger Goodell.  Great, another hybrid DE-LB pass rusher from Illinois, one who'll have to learn the position and has only had one decent season, like we need the second coming of Robert English.

My wish, with a mishmash of prospects at that position and no one standout, is that the Chargers trade down to the bottom of the first round and gather some extra picks.  With so many holes on the roster and so many underperformers, there isn't one or two players who will make the difference, we need roster strength and depth.

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