Thursday, 5 April 2012

Is Seattle really hungry for hockey?

I have a Seattle newscast playing in the background right now, and they have a segment with the proponent trying to build a new arena in Seattle. It has focused exclusively on bringing back the Sonics. They showed clips of the Sonics, interviewed fans with Sonics gear on saying how much they want their team back… The issue being discussed was potential vehicular traffic concerns if the new arena is built, and how it might interfere with the other sports stadiums in the area, especially the Mariners’. The proponent was at a podium for a press conference on site, and actually said: “I’m a fan of the Sonics, the Seahawks, the Mariners, the Sounders….” No mention was made of hockey, until the very end of the piece, where the anchor encouraged viewers to follow any developments on their website, with a screenshot of their web address and a Sonics and NHL logo. At least the logos were of equal size, although the Sonics was in the prominent left hand position.

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