Friday, 19 June 2015

Young prospects should have a 'Do Not Draft' list.

I didn’t know that Jonathan Toews grew up a Blackhawks fan as a kid.  Makes sense, they're right there across the border, a mere 1000 miles away, they probably get lots of TV time in Manitoba.  And with the Jets gone...

There should be more stories like that, kids playing for their childhood favourite team, instead of kids banished to hinterlands like Toronto or Columbus.

Here’s a thought for the CBA: give the kids the ability to list a number of teams they won’t accept a draft from. Kind of like a limited No Trade Clause.

It wouldn’t necessarily affect the same old same Oilers, the kid and his agent could be strategic and cross off teams that are already deep, and don’t allow a rapid ascent to the NHL, favouring a weak sister to fast-track to the NHL.

“So Mr. Holmgren, our next kid on our List would be Samuel Morin, but he’s a Canadiens fan, so he has us and the Bruins and Leafs and Nordiques on his ‘Do Not Draft’ list. Our next highest-rated prospect is Nikita Zadorov, but he too doesn’t like the Flyers for some reason, so we drop down to Max Domi. He and his dad are big Philly fans though…”

We could call this the Josh Gorges clause.

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