Thursday, 18 June 2015

P.K. has a new website, wants to win the internet.

Regarding P.K.'s new website, I have no problems at all with a smart young player maximizing his earnings in different ways.  It's a brain new world out there, opportunities abound, good on our boy for finding a way to capitalize on Montréal's passion for hockey, their team, and their favourite sons.  Maybe he'd pay less in tax in Dallas, but he wouldn't generate the amount of clicks or sell as many ball hats there.

Take that, Gary Bettman's Sunbelt Apathy!

My qualm might be that he seems to want to trademark the celebration pose.  I'm always skeptical of the staged celebration, how it is a distraction to the player, more concerned with highjinks than the actual game.  Think Brandy Chastain jersey-doffing after a routine penalty kick, or Joe Horn's cellphone in the upright padding, or Chad Johnson's entire career.

Johnny Manziel spoke with reporters yesterday, suitably chastened after a train wreck of a season last year.  One of the things he mentioned was how he wouldn't do the money thing with his fingers anymore, that it was too much of a target.  It was proving to be a distraction.

P.K.'s celly is not the same kettle of fish, it's great when it's a relatively spontaneous explosion of joy.  Often, P.K. doesn't do the celebration, he just hightails it to a teammate for a more organic expression.  I want it to stay that way.  I don't want P.K. to be thinking of branding and clicks when he's on the ice.

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