Monday, 1 June 2015

An elegy for CapGeek.

When I first started using CapGeek, I never gave a second thought to who was running the show. It was so slick, so intuitive, so well-designed that I assumed some Big Money Corp owned the site, and raked in huge bucks from the advertising.

It seems silly now, but that’s how good it was. Sometimes you follow a link and find what is clearly a blog, something someone does out of love, and you forgive the amateurish presentation, the incompleteness, the errors. That never crossed my mind with CapGeek, it seemed professional from the get-go.

To find that it was a one-man show, a guy who launched it and kept his independence, and was trusted enough by so many agents (my strong suspicion) that he got the info first, and right, and it angered Gary Bettman, well that’s just fantastic.

A few times after I started visiting the site, I’d hear the news of a team signing a player, and I’d go check to see what the repercussions would be for the team, but I didn’t have to figure it out, it was already up there, the info entered already.

There’s a few “Man, CapGeek is quick!” posts from me on HockeyInsideOut’s archives. And after a while, I stopped posting that, since it seemed superfluous. The site was so good, we didn’t need to say it.

Other sites have tried to fill the void, like , or , but it's not the same.

Matthew Wuest, I tip my hat to you.  You are missed.

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