Friday, 5 June 2015

Charles Hudon on L'Antichambre.

A couple of videos on RDS that might be of interest: Charles Hudon on L’Antichambre, who still looks cherubic, like the day he was drafted. But oh, the highlight reel…

He says he’s grown an inch since he was drafted, and has packed on twenty pounds, he looks a little less slender. He’s satisfied by the season he had in Hamilton, liked that he played with the same group of players and coaching staff who were there when he played nine games on an ATO his post-draft season, in 2012-13. Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien told him to keep moving his feet, and he tried to focus on that.

He agreed with ex-coach Stéphan Lebeau, who said he’s good defensively, not afraid to dish out a hit, and is great at slowing down the play, but needs to work on his speed and explosiveness. He says that he’s been working on this since his Midget days, his skating and power, and will keep at it.

He played against Ondrej Palat and Nikita Kucherov, he compares himself to those guys, and says he doesn’t think of himself as a small player. He doesn’t tell himself he’s 5’11” when he goes in the corners.

As a Midget, he got a chance to train with Pascal Dupuis, and it set a bar for him. Since then, whenever he does his summer training, he always wants to do so with a player who’s a couple of levels beyond him.

In a different segment, he talks positively about his relationship with Martin Lapointe mostly, but also Patrice Brisebois and Rob Ramage. He says he was in contact weekly, getting a text/phone call, and that Mr. Lapointe was a great help during his junior career, always encouraging him, telling him to keep moving his feet, keep skating.

He also had kind words for Gabriel Dumont, as a captain and a mentor, how he’s a leader and tough to play against. He says that Sven Andrighetto and he are alike in terms of how they play, but that Sven is much quicker, faster. They had a good season playing together, good chemistry.

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