Friday, 26 June 2015

My resolutions prior to the 2015 NHL Draft.

1)  In Trevor Timmins and Marc Bergevin I trust.  They are much better positioned than I am to make these decisions.  I'd sooner second-guess Dr. Burgess when he tells me I need to see a specialist (Won't that just heal/rehab/go away on its own?).

2)  I will hope for whoever the Bruins draft to be an unmitigated disaster.  Sorry (yet-to-be-named) kid.

3)  I will cheer extra hard if we get a local boy, someone like Jérémy Roy or Thomas Chabot or Anthony Beauvillier (in case of a trade-down scenario).  If we pass up one of these guys who are still available in favour of some exotic import, I might furrow my brow and purse my lips, but I'll remain silent, outwardly at least, referring to 1).

4)  I will hope that a player we had rated quite high 'falls' to us, or that we trade down and get the same player we'd have chosen at #26 in the second round, plus extra picks.  Or that we trade up to snap up a player who we just couldn't resist, was great value at the draft position we got him.

5)  I will adjust the narrative to fit whichever of the eventualities above actually transpires.

6)  I will hope that tomorrow in the third round we draft the best available Jérémy Lauzon or Nicolas Roy, factoring in the first resolution.

7)  Whoever we draft, I'll convince myself that he's an incredible find that other teams were moronic to pass over.

8)  I'll keep hoping to the very last minute that we can convert Christian Thomas, Magnus Nygren and the rights to Eric Tangradi into high third-rounders or even second-rounders.  These guys have got size, wicked shots, I don't know why we'd even trade them, come to think of it...

9)  When we draft a smallish skill guy, I'll hype those hands and gloss over his modest stature.  When we pick a giant, I'll believe that skills can be taught, improved, honed to a great degree, and argue that you can't coach size.  If we get a 5'11", 185 lbs prospect, I'll describe that as 'perfect hockey size'.

10)  If we trade picks for players and prospects, I'll militate in concert with the 'future is now' faction.  If we draft projects bound for at least four years of NCAA development and a couple more AHL years, I'll preach patience, the long view, and organizational strength.

11)  Are we sure Buffalo doesn't want Tom Gilbert for the 31st overall pick?  Just checking, no pressure...  But did we actually make the call?  Include the nebulous rights to Olivier Archambault?  Okay, okay, carry on, didn't want to be a bother, I just thought that...

12)  And before they got Robin Lehner, did we check with Tim Murray that he wouldn't rather have Dustin Tokarski?  No?...  What about Zach Fucale?  Really?  Really!...  But we anted up a second-rounder ourselves just two years ago.  What's that?  You'd like me to clear the line?  Of course, of course, wasn't trying to impose myself, get in the way or anything, I was just...  What's that?  Oh yes, of course, thanks.  Bye...

13)  If we get a Swedish player, I'll rejoice, that league is under-scouted, great value there.

14)  If we get a Finn, I'll be ecstatic, that league is even more under-scouted.

15)  If we get a KHL/MHL player, I'll jubilate, that we're playing the 'Russian Factor' to our advantage.

16)  If we get an American player from the NTDP, I'll nod affirmatively, that country's hockey development system is turning into a powerhouse, they're gushing great young players.

17)  If we get a Czech, I'll be pleased, we've had good success with Czech players (Tomas Plekanec).

18)  If we get a Slovak, I'll be enchanted, we've had good success with Slovaks (Martin Reway).

19)  If we get a WHL player, I'll be thankful, we need these guys who play in the rough and tough Dub, who've undergone trial-by-fire.

20)  If we get an OHL player, I'll be thrilled, it's the best, toughest development league in the world.

21)  If we get an LHJMQ player, I'll be overjoyed, the best yet most under-represented development league in the world.

22)  If we get a USHL player, I'll sit back and bask, these guys are diamonds in the rough, jest needs sum' polishment.

23)  If we draft a nifty offensive centreman, awesome, that's just what we needed.

24)  If we draft a '200 ft' centreman, great, that's always a great pick, those guys don't 'miss'.

25)  If we draft a scoring winger, fantastic, we need more snipers in the system.

26)  If we draft a big tough winger, super, we need to size up, for when the Kings come to town.

27)  If we draft a puck-moving, high hockey-IQ defenceman, terrific, can never get enough of those.

28)  If we draft a big tough defensive defenceman, perfect, we need someone to clear the crease and protect Carey.

29)  If we draft a two-way defenceman, outstanding, enough with the specialists like Tomas Kaberle and Hal Gill, we need guys who can play in every situation.

30)  If we draft a right-shot defenceman, all the better, those guys are harder to find, they're worth more in trade if necessary.

31)  If we draft a left-shot defenceman, way to go!  Best player available, don't worry about which way they shoot or position or details like that, that sorts itself out in player development and trades.

32)  If we draft a goalie, are you effing nuts?!  WE HAVE CAREY PRICE ALREADY!

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