Saturday, 21 February 2015

Memo to Marc Bergevin: Don't trade anyone.

Tangent: Anyone see the latest 24CH, featuring Lars Eller’s surprisingly winsome and cheekboned wife? She was in a ‘Dancing with the Stars’-style benefit for the Montréal Children’s Hospital I believe, and you see her as well as some others going through their day-to-day, how they’re dealing with life in this hockey-mad town, married to a celebrity.

She spoke convincingly about how she and Lars love it, how it takes them aback constantly how passionate people are about hockey, about how it’s home for them and where they started their family, how much they sacrificed as a couple yet don’t want to be anywhere else.

So I don’t want Lars, or any of these boys traded. Thomas Vanek, sure, run the bum out of town after the playoffs. Follow Michael Ryder’s shuffling, meandering footsteps.

Bums like Mike Ribeiro, yeah let’s rid the team of their toxicity.

René Bourque, we tried everything, gave him every opportunity. Good luck wherever life takes you.

Travis Moen, good luck, but he wasn’t going to play much, we were doing him a favour. Better that he get a chance to play somewhere else.

Erik Cole, what happened to you? You had such an awesome season, saved that year for me as a fan, your assaults on the offensive zone, your gallant charges at the enemy net, the way Max followed your lead. The way you once memorably, solicitously squirted water for your teammates to quench to their thirst. It still stings that you had to leave, and I still don’t quite understand why.

But our boys, the guys we’ve watched grow up, I don’t want these guys going anywhere.

I want to win, but I want to win with our boys.

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