Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Gary Bettman must chainsaw a chunk of his nose off every night.

Reportedly, when he was asked whether the league would try to resurrect CagGeek or launch a similar site, Gary Bettman answered that hockey fans aren’t interested in player salaries.

It’s impossible to get a straight answer from this guy, everything is spin, everything is a strenuous denial in face of the facts. No decision has been made on Vegas. The Emperor has no clothes. The Emperor has no epidermis either.

Here’s the actual quote, from Puck Daddy:
“I don’t think it’s a resource we need to provide because I’m not sure fans are as focused on what players make as they are about their performance on the ice,” he said.
Gary, with your three lockouts, you actually made it central, essential to know what players make, and fans as a matter of course are going to care what a David Clarkson or Scott Gomez makes. You laughable lying tool.

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