Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Game 53: Canadiens 2, Flyers 1 (OT)

Canadiens Express thoughts on the 2-1 OT win against the Flyers:

Stupid Michel Therrien keeps insisting on David Desharnais, who's clearly not an NHL'er, being on the first line with Max.  Unfathomable.  He could only score a garbage goal at the very end of the game, before that he didn't produce.

Nathan Beaulieu's mobility is a definite plus, not just in his skating in open ice, but also in close quarters, when he can take a couple of choppy steps and get to a loose puck quickly, to poke it out of harm's way.

Jacob de la Rose has earned himself a couple more games reprieve from the Hamilton commuter flight.  He's looking good out there, finishing a few checks, and having a great stick check to negate two players in succession on a line rush by the Flyers.  He finished with a 57% faceoff percentage.  Good stuff.

Manny Malhotra may not see the ice for a while.  I support the concept of kids learning their trade in Hamilton, I believe in being patient with the kids, but for now let's see what Jacob can do, if the NHL isn't too much for him at this stage.

Lars Eller had some good flashes, in that he got off a few shots on net, and didn't try to stickhandle through the entire Flyers lineup.  He'd get set and shoot, and forced Ray Emery to make save, generated rebounds.

The dark cloud inside that silver lining is how on the powerplay he ineffectually lurked in the slot, waiting for a pass, while no one was blocking Ray Emery's sightlines, no one was in front of the net.  And when Lars did get an opportunity he fanned on his one-timer.  Keep charging the net Lars.  And no more penalties in the offensive zone please.

I'm glad Ryan White chose not to pick a fight to prove a point or something.  He laid a few hits, forechecked, stuck to hockey.  Good on you kid.

Vincent Lecavalier got off one shot on goal in under fifteen minutes of ice time, but he's happy Philly's a good sports town, the 76'ers are a hoot right now.

I hate giving up a point to the hated Flyers, but I'll take two wins in a row against our worst rivals.

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