Thursday, 19 February 2015

Game 57: Canadiens 2, Senators 4

  • Another loss to another bottom-feeder.  Shouldn't be, even with the mitigating circumstances.
  • I'm so sick of being gooned by the Senators.
  • I want to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the hire of a hitman to take care of Eric Gryba, with the method of disposal being a poison-dipped nitroglycerin elbow.
  • I was looking forward to seeing Greg Pateryn and Nathan Beaulieu play together, but the Alexei Emelin injury foiled that.
  • I was looking forward to seeing Michaël Bournival centre Jiri Sekac and Christian Thomas, having those youths skating wild out there, but the fact that the Canadiens couldn't get a lead foiled that.
  • I'm so sick of having Gary Galley on Canadiens broadcasts.  Near the end, referring to the fact that the game wasn't over yet, he said " this thing has a minute fourty-five, and lots of real estate to play out."  Real estate?
  • Isn't having to hear Nick Kypreos bark constantly as an 'analyst' enough?  Do I have to endure his 'états d'âme' related to life after hockey in an interview segment with Strombo?  Oh, wait, I don't, I can skip over it but quick.  
  • I took the time to walk over to my PVR so I could give it a big smooch.
  • Dustin Tokarski's a nice kid, but I've taken to fantasizing that we'd signed Devan Dubnyk as our backup last summer, instead of letting him walk.
  • Lars Eller isn't doing much at wing.  Should we put him back at centre and drop Jacob de la Rose down to the fourth line, and actually try to roll four lines?
  • Does Alexei's injury signal a sure trade, as the Sportsnet geniuses were predicting, or a phone call to Hamilton to get Jarred Tinordi's gear bag packed?  He'd be exactly the type of player who could sub in for Alexei, a defensively-oriented guy who plays physical.
  • Three rookies on defence?  Couldn't happen...
  • I'm so sick of journeymen rookie goalies getting their first starts against us and winning them.
  • Michel Therrien mixed up his lines in the third period, but I can't blame him, none of them seemed to be clicking.  
  • On the empty-net goal, P.K. made a bad play, a bad decision, showed a lack of awareness, a poor grasp of situational hockey.  With his net empty and the game on the line, with lots of time left, on the offensive blue line, with a Senator in his face, it wasn't time to stickhandle, to walk the line, to futz around with the puck.  It was time for what bright hockey minds call a 'strong play', meaning to put the puck deep in the zone.  He should have fired it against the boards, he had two teammates there to gain control.  Instead, he tried a fancy little flip pass that was intercepted and in his net two seconds later.
  • Some will point to his courage, to his playing hurt, to his ice-time due to Alexei's absence, but I don't want to hear it.  That's not the point.  I'm not questioning his heart, or whether he's a horse or not.  
  • He's a veteran who should understand this stuff.  If he wants to be a team leader, he can't make rookie mistakes like that, trying the high-risk play in the wrong situations.  Not at his pay grade.
  • Thank you Gary Bettman for making me watch this sub-par Sportsnet garbage instead of RDS or TSN much more polished products.

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