Friday, 24 October 2014

Should Steve Nash officially retire, to 'help' Jim Buss?

A very ugly side of the salary cap: some basketball 'fans' want/wanted Steve Nash to retire rather than continue playing and drawing the salary he's entitled to on his contract.  To 'help' the Lakers.  Apparently, he didn't earn that money, playing for years in pain, dragging his team to the playoffs, bad back and all, earning MVP's.

I hate the way the cap has turned fans against players when it comes to how much they earn.  Even more than before, the average fan sides with plutocrats instead of the very skilled average-Joes who actually play the game they love.

I think the best way to address this would be to force fans to pay for their tickets in cash, in person, at the rink.  Two tables would be set up, one for the owner, one for the player, and the fans would file to each and pay half the cost of the ticket to the decrepit owner, and then the other half to the players.

So if you had to pay three hundred dollars for Red Wings tickets, you'd head over to the desiccated, animated corpse of Mike Illitch, hand him $150, and then go to Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg's table and give them their $150.  Same for the 'Hawks, half your stack of twenties go to poor Bill Wirtz, the guy who says he can't quite turn a profit on his team, and then the other half to Jonathan Toews.

And so on.  You gave half your wad to the crazy old woman who owned the Raiders, now you're giving it to his ne'er-do-well son.  You want to go to a Bengals game?  At the stadium that, as a Cincinnati-area taxpayer you're already paying for?  Give more money to cuddly concussion-denier Mike Brown, before you head over to Devon Still's table and give him his 50% 'fair share'.

The whole edifice would implode, immediately.

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