Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hamilton Bulldogs 4, Toronto Marlies 1

Some scattered thoughts about the Bulldogs' 4-1 win against the Marlies Friday night, gathered despite an indifferent focus on the game, mostly due to a jumpy stream of the scoreboard feed being all that was available for viewing.

--They rattled off those who don’t dress, I didn’t catch them all, some of them were Connor Crisp, Maxime Macenauer, Mac Bennett, Morgan Ellis. Joey McDonald is in nets.

--Frazer McLaren and Troy Bodie aren’t dressed for the Marlies.

--No score in the first. Hard to pay attention, listening to the Marlies play-by-play team, which is heavily slanted towards their players. It’s always their guys attacking with the puck, or making nice defensive plays, you rarely hear a Bulldog name.

--The other option is to listen to the Bulldog radio call, but they’re about one minute ahead of the picture, at least.

--Nathan Beaulieu just scored on the rush, from Sven Andrighetto.  1-0 Bulldogs. Grudging positive comments about Nathan from the broadcast team.

--Just saw big Joe Finley front Colton Orr in front of Joey McDonald’s net. Nice job.

--Marlies broadcasters very complimentary to Gabriel Dumont: “He’s a pitbull, he works hard, he’ll fight, he’ll score a goal, he sets the tone, he’s the hearbeat of the team, …”  Very nice.

--Made this attempt at comedy:

MEMO TO: Magnus Nygren
SUBJECT: Livability Index, Hamilton
TEXT: Things can’t be all bad, I just heard an ad for an $8.99 all-you-can-eat fish’n'chips sports bar in Hamilton. As Yakov Smirnov used to say: “What a country!”
 Of course, a wag on social media suggested that I use the Swedish word 'smorgasbord' instead.  Always great when someone tweaks your joke and makes it much funnier.  Really...

--Sven Andrighetto scores, 2-0 Bulldogs.

 --Twice now I’ve seen Joe Finley make things uncomfortable for Marlies in front of the net. I don’t necessarily want him to goon it up, but at 6’8″, 250 lbs., it’s good that he’s asserting himself, not taking the Hal Gill route.

--Funny moment: at one point the puck skittered by Darren Dietz at the offensive blue line, while the whistle went to blow the play dead, but according to the announcer it was this close to Colton Orr taking off on a breakaway, and that’s a thing, apparently.

--First wave of the powerplay had Nathan Beaulieu and Charles Hudon on the blue line.

--There are too many goons to count on the Marlies. I mentioned Colton Orr, Frazer McLaren, Troy Bodie already, but wasn’t aware of David Broll and Jamie Devane, whatever those are.

--David Broll. Check out his ugly mug.  63 games for the Marlies last season, three goals, 120 penalty minutes.  Oh, truculent Leafs, please never change...

--David Broll almost picks up a misconduct for a shove well after the whistle.

--Colton Orr just pasted Darren Dietz, and then turned down an invite to fight from Joe Finley, apparently due to a previously injured shoulder.

--And Jamie Devane puts the Bulldogs on the powerplay again, Eric Tangradi scores to make it 3-0.  Oh, truculent Leafs, please never change...

--Sven Andrighetto looks determined, faintly heroic on the Bulldogs homepage.

--Bulldogs broadcast team:

“Nathan Beaulieu gave a real boost to the Bulldogs defence, he settled things down, kept them composed when there was pressure being applied.”

“That’s why he started the season in Montreal…”

--Michaël Bournival also gets some love, specifically for his work on the penalty kill.

--Some of these Marlies girls doing animation in the crowd, they almost hath the power to soothe the savage Hab fan.

--Eric Tangradi wraps it up with an empty-netter, 4-1 ‘Dogs.

--Promising start to the season, and with injured players Connor Crisp and Jack Nevins coming back to health, the toughness angle is now more in hand.  A little more depth and experience with the Dowells and the Bowmans, another infusion of talent with Charles Hudon, Jacob de la Rose and Mac Bennett, and Magnus Nygren back into the fold, things look good.

EDIT: More scattered thoughts on the game, courtesy of Sid Wood of All About the Habs.

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