Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Game 7: Canadiens 2, Red Wings 1 (OT)

My RDS 'Canadiens express'-based express-impressions (thank you Gary Bettman) of the Canadiens 2-1 overtime win against the Red Wings:

- Ca-rey!  Ca-rey!  Ca-rey!

- Alex Galchenyuk continues his hot start to the year with a highlight-reel goal, and more impressively, his maturation process from a promising youngster to a talented, game-breaking forward.  On his goal he showed competitiveness, strength, determination, quickness, agility, and skill with the puck.

- Vincent Damphousse thinks it's fine if Alex plays on the wing for a while longer, while Guy Carbonneau thinks the future is now, and the Canadiens shouldn't put off this decision and just go ahead and install Alex at centre.   Marc Denis today on the pre-game show cast the tie-breaking vote, and gave his opinion that Alex can still develop and learn a lot about competitiveness, about the NHL, and grow more confident playing games on the wing, in a more salient role this season, instead of the limited third-line minutes he got so far.

- David Desharnais' line seemed to buzz around Jimmy Howard's net quite a bit.  They were dangerous during the excerpts of the game I saw, and were rewarded with the overtime goal.

- Of course, scoring OT goals is fine and all, but you wish that David would crash and bang more.  As an astute social media commenter noted this morning, referring to another player : "i agree. I even saw him attempt to throw a hit. That’s more than wee Davey has ever done in the physical department."

- I'm also sick and tired of Carey Price not thumping in the corners more.  And I'm beyond frustrated with Jarred Tinordi's lack of production in the shootout.

- In the condensed game I viewed, there were definite René Bourque sightings.  He crunched Danny DeKeyser while finishing a check, and took a good shot on net that squirted by Jimmy Howard and just trickled past the post.  Which is what we want from René, not necessarily just better numbers, better stats, but that he be more involved, more visible during games, that he be someone opposing teams have a hard time handling.  Like in last year's playoffs, be fast, be hard on the puck, act like you want it, and the stats will follow.

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