Friday, 3 October 2014

Magnus Nygren makes amends to the city of Hamilton.

Teenage heartthrob of a hockey player with a forest of microphones in front of him:

“Yes, I know I said bad things, stupid things, and I’m sorry. I was frustrate, speaking to a guy I know I thought like a friend. I didn’t know it would go in the newspaper. I exaggerate, and I know it sounds bad. Again I’m apologize.

“Mr. Andlauer met me and spoked to me and we agree. I explained I had bad experience last year, I have homesick, and he told me he will take care of it. We went to see my new flat, it’s very nice, close to the school. I will play hockey with the kids in the street.

“Again, very apology, I’m stupid sometimes, my mother told me to shut it quiet. I would listen to her again. I want to play hockey and I love the team and the fans.”

Problem solved…

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