Friday, 30 May 2014

Pierre McGuire bungles his analysis of the Canadiens-Rangers series.

Pierre McGuire on TEAM 1040 is asked whether the series turned on Carey Price being injured:

"Hogwash.  Carey Price let in seven goals in Game 1.  I love Carey Price, he's a friend of mine, but he let in seven goals, whereas Dustin Tokarski blah blah blah...  If it hadn't been for Dustin Tokarski it wouldn't have been a six game series."

Now, it's not an exact quote, but the part of about the seven goals is absolutely what he said.  Which makes me wonder how much he gets paid to 'cover' the series, or even why, if he can't grasp the basic facts about games that happened less than two weeks ago.

1)  Carey Price did not let in seven goals in Game 1.  He allowed four, and was pulled in the second period.  Peter Budaj was in net for the three goals in the third period.

2)  Two of the goals Carey allowed, late in the second, occurred after he was run by Chris Kreider, and had injured his knee.  His mobility was compromised, so it's hard to say how much fault lies with him on those two goals.  I side with none.

I know Mr. McGuire is not necessarily a favourite here on HIO, but his comments are baffling and completely misrepresent the facts.  In his haste to sing the praise of the Rangers and hype the finals, he dismisses the Canadiens and their initial chances of winning this series if their best player hadn't been taken out on an blatant Nick Kypreos-style contract hit.

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