Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Nathan Beaulieu is a natural fit on Mike Weaver's left.

Something which makes the insertion of Nathan Beaulieu in the lineup even more apt is that now he is playing on his side, the left side. Earlier in the season, he was playing with Francis Bouillon, and he was on the right side, the Canadiens had to play both him and Alexei Emelin on the right since P.K. Subban was the only rightie when Raphaƫl Diaz fell out of favour.

Now with Mike Weaver having been acquired and playing beyond expectations, it’s an easier decision to put a rookie d-man on his left, he’s not having to compensate for being on his off-side as he acclimates to the NHL. Plus, their skillsets complement each other’s well. Mike is the trusty stay-at-home type who can mind the store and communicate with his young partner, learn him the ropes, point out the pitfalls before Nathan blunders into them.

And for next season, Magnus Nygren and Greg Pateryn can’t be ready fast enough. We need at least one other rightie besides P.K., and I hope one of these guys can show up at camp and do what Marc Bergevin says a young player has to do, which is prove that he belongs with le Grand Club, and force the GM to make room for him.

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