Thursday, 22 May 2014

Beyond Dustin Tokarski and Peter Budaj

Comedy during the Michel Therrien presser: at the three-minute mark, a reporter asks him a "technical question", wondering what the reason is behind having Mike Condon in New York, and on the ice as a third goalie during the morning skate.

He answered "We have the right to have a third goalie for emergencies, and our options were either Patrick Langlois, the assistant equipment manager, or Mike Condon, so we decided to go with Mike."

The case of Devan Dubnyk was also raised, why he wasn't in the mix with Carey Price injured, and Michel Therrien explained that he decided to go home rather than stick with the Black Aces, so the team decided not to bring him back.  There was a hint of a smirk as he explained that, so we can probably deduce that Mr. Dubnyk didn't win himself any brownie points with that decision, and that he won't be back next season.

It does make me wonder again though, how do these guys get paid?  The Black Aces are not playing AHL any more, they're not earning a salary, and I don't think they're eligible for the playoff bonuses that the Canadiens players will get.  Are these guys practicing for free right now?  If you're a kid trying to claw your way up to the bigs, maybe that flies, but I understand Devan Dubnyk, with a newborn at home, choosing to go home.

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